Go Green Go!

As gas prices rise many of us are opting for more environmentally friendly vehicles. This year may in fact be the “year of the electric vehicle.”  There are many different types of electric vehicles ranging from low-speed cars that look like golf carts to fast sports cars.   Most major automakers are generating new mass-market electric car models such as the Chevy Volt and Nissans Leaf.  These companies continue to improve the efficiency of their hybrid models.  

If you are not already a proud owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle you may not know that these cars are powered by a battery that is recharged by plugging it into a charging station.   On July 14th, The Washington Post announced that “Washington state’s green highway project will install nine stations along I-5” between Northern Washington State and Southern Oregon allowing for drivers of electric cars, for the first time, to recharge without being concerned about running out of energy.  In addition, the State of Washington has exempted the state sales tax on the purchase of electric cars as well as exempted the annual emissions inspections.

You may have been deterred from purchasing an electric car because you heard that it was difficult to purchase auto insurance for an electric car.  In the past some of the very small electric cars did not meet the same safety standards required by other vehicles.  Today, hybrid and electric vehicles meet the national safety standards and thus the Washington automobile insurance for the vehicles costs about the same as a comparable gas powered car.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests most vehicle models operating in the United States.  To find out about your car rates you can go to their website at http://www.iihs.org/.   

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