Home Insurance: Why You Need IT?

	Natural disasters and fires are threats to your home that you probably consider every time you watch the news. You may not know this but if you have a guest at your house and they are injured on your property, you as the owner may be liable for their injury. Obviously, you would do nothing to cause harm to anyone, but think about the amount of times you’ve been injured completely by accident such as breaking your arm falling off of a step ladder. Home Insurance can help you make sure that you are protected from liability whether the damage is to person or property

Some Tips for Home Insurance

It is important to know the geography of where you live. If you live in an area that is prone to Earthquakes it is important to make sure that such disasters are covered in your policy because not all Washington home insurance policies have the same coverage.

Be aware that insurance does not compensate for bad maintenance. Wear and weathering happen to any home; consistent maintenance will prevent more pricey fixes to your home in the future.

	Finally, document your valuable possessions by taking photographs. Store the documentation safely somewhere other than your home, so that if a disaster occurs you will have proof of your assets. 

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