Are you aware of the Special Limits on your Homeowner’s Insurance?

Special Limits on your homeowner’s insurance policy could leave you underinsured. If you don’t add additional coverage, companies limit the amount you can collect due to loss of

– Money

– Business property on and off premises

– Electronic apparatus in a motor vehicle

– Theft of jewelry, watches and furs

– Theft of firearms and equipment

– Theft of gold, silver or platinum ware


If you have a coin collection, a modest amount of jewelry, a gun collection or any of these other limited items listed above, you should discuss these values with your insurance agent or call Homer Smith Insurance for a review of your current policy.


You can reach us at 888-433-0031 or send us an email for questions, a free quote or a coverage review. We have been serving Washington for almost 60 years, and we are also licensed for Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona.


Your Homer Smith Insurance Team

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