Adapting to customer needs—tips and ideas for any salon

In a prior blog, we touched on trends salons are noticing as customers alter their beauty routines. The way clients spend may shift, but there is much salons and their stylists can do to ensure customer retention, even generate new clients. Direct from the Professional Beauty Association, here are ways you and your salon can keep cutting hair and nails and keep from cutting business:

  • Maintain good rapport with clients. This is a given, but if a client visits less frequently, or even tries a different salon, refrain from judgment. Instead, give them the best haircut or manicure they’ve had and remind them why they come to you.
  • Examine marketing techniques. Look at how your salon is advertised. The phone book and local newspaper are good platforms, but be sure to utilize cyberspace. Creating a Facebook page is a great way to introduce your salon to the internet. And it costs nothing. You can’t beat free publicity.
  • Utilize Retail. Implement price promotions on products from nail polish to root moisturizer. Everything’s more attractive on sale and those extra few dollars off might sway a client to purchase.
  • Stay educated and informed. There are always new tools and tricks of the trade, and knowing the latest styles and trends keeps your salon current.
  • Create incentives for existing and new clients. Be creative—pair services with products (discounts on coloring products with coloring appointments, for example), give discounts for referrals, for the new client and referring party, and offer special pricing to loyal customers. Ten to twenty percent off every third or fourth hair cut could garner more business.

For more ideas and trends, visit the PBA’s website at Insurance can be another area for your salon to consider, and at Homer Smith Insurance, we specialize in salon insurance for both Washington and Oregon. Our agents can provide coverage review and competitive quotes. Visit our website or e-mail us to request more information.

Erin Stork, Homer Smith Insurance

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