Keeping track of your belongings

Would you be able to provide your insurance agent with a list of your possessions if a fire destroyed your home or you had a break-in? Some people are well organized and maintain an ongoing inventory in a safe place, always updating it after large purchases. Most people though, like me, would have to start from scratch. They would probably spend a lot of time trying to find old receipts in order to remember where they bought what and when.


But luckily, there is a solution to this dilemma. A friend recently told me about a website,, where you can keep a list of your household possessions and update it at your leisure. It takes a little time to do the initial input, but once that’s done, you simply add new items as you see fit, something you can do anywhere, anytime. And, in case of a claim, you have your list ready.


Of course, we hope you won’t need this list anytime soon, but it’s better to prepare it now than wish you had later.


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Petra Crosier, Homer Smith Insurance

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