Dinner and a Murder

It’s no secret Homer Smith insurance is a big fan of OlyCAP. They have been helping out folks here on the Olympic Peninsula for almost as long as we have. They have a lot of fine programs and they do a lot of good for kids, adults and seniors.

One of the programs, RSVP – the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, touches all of us in ways we seldom even think about. The program organizes volunteers 55 and over and matches them with volunteer opportunities in community nonprofit organizations, schools and government. The RSVP program started here in 1972 and now manages about 700 volunteers who give thousands of hours of their time every year.

For the last six years or so, RSVP has done a unique annual fundraiser called Dinner and a Murder – a dinner theater format experience that is a lot of fun to attend. In addition to some good eating the RSVP folks always give us a fine play with an interesting twist. The audience at the play actually participates in trying to solve the murder mystery.
The format allows the actors to present an opening act that introduces the characters and stages the murder. An intermission allows folks to have a meal service and eat. During the meal service the actor circulate among the tables answering questions posed by the guests. As the actors return to the stage, the guests at the tables can continue to try to work out the mystery as the play continues. There’s plenty of opportunity for fun during the production as patrons are “arrested” after being charged by friends and colleagues with various heinous offenses and then bailed out by their friends.

For the last several years this popular event has been run on two nights to accommodate all the people who want to see it. The show is always enjoyable and it benefits a program that returns a huge amount to our community in the volunteer hours that are contributed to local organizations.  This year the venue is moving to a new location at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  The play is called “Next Stop, MURDER” and it is written and directed by Ramon Dailey. The show is a classic Agatha Christie style train mystery, with a twist.

The Port Townsend Mystery Group presents the show and the actors donate their time and talent to support RSVP; the show this year show promises to be great fun like the ones before it.  Two shows will be held this year on November 30th and December 1st. It’s a great opportunity for safe and sane holiday party for businesses or a nice evening out for families. You can get more information about the show at OlyCAP’s website or call 360-385-2571 for ticket information.

Homer Smith Insurance has supported OlyCAP for years; we hope you will as well.  If you go to HSI’s Facebook page and “like” us, we will contribute a dollar more to OlyCAP.

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