Renters cannot afford to be without renters’ insurance

It might be easy to say, “Well I just cannot afford renters’ insurance. My budget is so tight and probably nothing is going to happen to my stuff”. But have you considered natural disasters and fires? Apartment buildings go up in smoke all the time. Can you afford to lose all your possessions in one night? When you think about what it might cost you to replace everything after a lifetime of purchases, you likely will think you cannot afford not to buy renters’ insurance for your Washington home. Cheap Insurance Have you checked into the costs of renters’ insurance? You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that many policies are relatively inexpensive. Paying for insurance is not a bad deal for protecting your prized possessions, furniture and all your clothes. Theft We have all watched the comedy routines on TV where thieves come in and clean out an apartment right down to the carpeting. On TV, it is funny. However, in the real world, you really might have many of your most valuable belongings stolen. Just imagine trying to replace these possessions out of pocket! Homer Smith Insurance provides inexpensive renters’ insurance coverage for customers throughout Washington State, as well as policies for home, auto, marine and commercial insurance – call one of our agents today!

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