Fire Prevention and Washington Home Insurance

Fires can be pretty scary things especially when they are heading towards your home. About the most you can hope to do if your home is in immediate danger is to hose it down. However, the best idea is to take preventive steps before a fire threatens your home, and to make sure your Washington home insurance is up to date.

Creating a safety zone around your home of at least 30 feet may help to save it in a fire. Take a walk around your property to identify fire concerns and determine what needs to be done to make your house safer. For example, make sure all combustible or flammable containers or objects are stored properly and not left in the immediate area around the home. Consider moving shrubs, vines, and fir and juniper trees growing against or near the home as these may easily catch fire.

Clear away lawn clippings, dead plants, leaves and tree branch debris, as these can become fire hazards. Lawns should be mowed down to 2 inches for fire safety. Keep gutters clear of dried debris as this might catch fire from blowing embers.

After making a safety zone around your home, you might want to check your Washington home insurance with your agent. Now may be a good time to review your policy to check your coverage is adequate for rebuilding if required.



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