Homer Smith Salutes the Port Townsend Senior Association

The Port Townsend Senior Association operates out of the Port Townsend Community Center in uptown Port Townsend.  The Senior Association is an active and effective group.  The association adopted the Center when the city withdrew financial support in 2010.  It maintains a presence on the first floor of the building which allows a variety of activities to take place including Yoga classes, exercise programs, bingo, pool and a host of senior oriented programs and activities.  That also allows some access by the community to the basketball court and facilities downstairs.  The center holds a crafts fair every November and hosts many other community events and meetings throughout the year.

Most recently, the association stepped up when the Senior Meals program that previously operated from the Center was threatened with closure. Initially, United Good Neighbors of Jefferson County put out a call for volunteer assistance to try to maintain the program.  Jefferson County church groups, service organizations and the police and fire departments answered a call for volunteers to support the program on a weekly rotating basis.  The Senior Association committed to staff the program four days a week assuring its continuity. They have served meals for area seniors four nights a week since summer. 

The kitchen staff is led by Laurie Medlicott, a recently retired Port Townsend City Council member.  With Laurie and her cadre of volunteers, participation at the senior meals is growing.  The seniors themselves make a contribution to the meals which helps purchase food.  Each week a group provides volunteer support to help cook, serve and clean up under Laurie’s expert direction.  This week, area Police and Fire Departments provided the support and on Thursday served a holiday dinner to thirty area seniors.  Volunteers, and particularly volunteer group sponsors are always welcome to join in this wonderful community activity.  For more information about the Senior Association or to volunteer, you can contact Eleanor Stickney, the Senior Association Manager, at 385-9007. 

Homer Smith Insurance, your Washington insurance company, salutes the Port Townsend Senior Association for their dedication to our community.  The association, and all those who volunteer across the Peninsula, makes a huge difference in our lives.  They also help make this area a wonderful community to live in.

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