Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

There is plenty to be thankful about on Thanksgiving – family, friends and food are the order of the day.  Thanksgiving is also a great day to stay alert.  New Year’s Eve is a distant second to Thanksgiving for the largest number of drunk driving fatalities.  People are among family and friends and may be inclined to indulge in food and drink.  Do help everyone at your celebration to get home safely. 

Then there are the kitchen festivities.  People can get a bit careless or distracted or just long enough for disaster to strikes.  An insurance company study found that grease and cooking-related claims more than double on Thanksgiving Day. More than $15 million in property damage may be attributable to turkey deep-fryer fires alone and oil splatter lands children and adults in emergency rooms.

Data from the U.S. Fire Administration estimated 2,000 Thanksgiving fires in residential buildings between 2006-08 and these accidents were estimated to have caused an average of five deaths, 25 injuries and $21 million in property damage.  Fires are reported most frequently between noon and 1 p.m. and are most commonly cooking related. 


* When deep frying turkeys 8-10-pound turkeys are the most appropriate size;

* Make sure turkey is not partially frozen or have water on it when deep frying – either can cause oil splatter;

* Use peanut, canola or sunflower oils in the fryer;

* Never leave any cooking pot unattended. Keep children and pets at a safe distance;

* Make sure a fire extinguisher is handy at all times. Never use water to put out a grease fire; 

* Use well-insulated potholders or oven mitts when touching pot or lid handles;

* Avoid drinking while using a fryer or cooking;

* And, keep an eye open for those who may be overindulging in alcohol – including watching your own consumption.

Stay safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving from your Washington Insurance Agent!

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