Workers Compensation Part Two

work injuries are one of the reasons employers are required to have
State workers compensation
According to the
of Labor Statistics
“Muscular Skeletal Disorders accounted for 29 percent of all
workplace injuries requiring time away from work in 2007.” Muscular
Skeletal Disorders, such as carpal tunnel are usually caused by
repetitive motion or strain. Fortunately, muscular skeletal disorders
can sometimes be prevented with proper care and precautions.

you ever attended a lecture or listened to a presenter who opened
their presentation by asking everyone to get up and stretch for a few
minutes? This happened to me recently. The presenter even added a
yoga-instructor-sounding, “reach for the sun.” I felt like I was
back in elementary school and noticed that some of the people around
me seemed to be thinking the same thing. What I didn’t know is that
this is actually a good idea for a number of reasons and a technique
that employers, presenters, and employees may want to emulate.
Periodic movement and stretching are simple ways to protect against
repetitive stress injuries. Encouraging people to take time to break
before sitting through a lecture also helps concentration, so you, as
the speaker, get their full attention.

in an ergonomic key board or a better chair may be useful to prevent
carpal tunnel. WebMD also recommends checking to make sure your
office space is set up based on “ergonomic guidelines.” As always
fitness and general wellness also help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
and other Muscular
Skeletal Disorders
. When typing, try to keep
wrists in straight because that allows the tendons full movement.


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