Dwelling Fire Insurance

will our homes look like fifty years from now? In the past,
architects designed energy efficient dome houses, which have often
been portrayed as homes of the future. These days many people live in
apartment buildings, duplexes, or rental homes. So what would an
apartment building of the future look like? I came across an article,
featured on the Inhabitat, that described EDITT Tower, a proposed
apartment building for Singapore’s Ecological
Design In The Tropics
project. According to the article, each
of the twenty-six stories of the skyscraper would have organic
gardens for the inhabitants to use for planting their own food. The
structure is also designed to be energy efficient and the speculation
pictures look spectacular. (check out the url under “sources” if
you want to see the artistic renderings)

homes and apartments are much safer than older homes, for example
many hazardous chemicals are no longer used in construction.
Unfortunately, it will be many years before completely fire proof
homes or appliances are developed. Even if you are living in EDITT
Tower, you may want to consider dwelling fire insurance, which is not
always covered by Washington
homeowners insurance
. At Homer Smith Insurance,
we can help you find a policy that will cover your property and


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