Auto Insurance

are out for a nice Sunday afternoon drive to the grocery store, when
a car rear ends you at a stoplight. The car only made a dent in your
bumper, so you aren’t worried about it, until you ask the other
driver for their insurance information. The driver apologizes and
tells you that they don’t have auto insurance. Understandably, you
are upset because they damaged your car and have no insurance to
compensate for it.

are a responsible driver, you’ve had the oil in your car changed,
your insurance is up to date, and you drive carefully. If everyone
was as responsible as you, there would fewer accidents and traffic
violations. Unfortunately, not everyone on the road is as thoughtful
as you are. Uninsured motorist insurance is an important part of your
auto insurance
plan because you shouldn’t have to pay for
someone’s carelessness. Many drivers who have auto insurance—it is
the law after all—do not realize that many people on the road
failed to either get insurance or keep it up to date.

motorist insurance will cover most damage inflicted on your vehicle
by an uninsured driver. You still need to get the driver’s
information and document the accident. A driver who doesn’t have
insurance may try not to give you their information, but it is
important for your claim to have their license plate number, name,
and contact information. You should always take a photograph of the
damage to your car and theirs. If you are in a hit and run situation,
try to snap a picture or memorize the license plate and report the
incident immediately.

to The Insurance Research Council, in Washington
, about fifteen percent of drivers are uninsured based on
their 1994 to 1997 averages. The national average is fourteen
percent of drivers without insurance.

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