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Checking On A Used Car’s History

There is a type of protection you should consider before you purchase a used car and obtain auto insurance.  While you are trying to decide whether to buy a vehicle, it is important to ask pointed questions about things such as maintenance costs, gas mileage, how the car handles in turns, among other things.  You may want to take the vehicle in to have it looked at by a trusted mechanic.  Unfortunately, question and answer sessions and mechanics inspections may still not be enough to get all the details you’d like.

To help you make a decision you may want to also consider obtaining a report about the vehicle’s history.  An online search will result in finding a number of credible services that provide historical information on any vehicle that has a legal identification or a VIN (vehicle identification number). For a reasonable fee (and in some instances, free) and armed with the VIN, a subscriber may request a search for information and can be alerted to any number of potential headaches such as whether the vehicle:

• is stolen

• was repaired after a serious accident

• had its odometer reading lowered

• suffered flood or other weather-related damage

• is or was part of a manufacturer recall

• has a history of recurring repairs

• was previously used by emergency personnel

• was used commercially (for deliveries, as a taxi, etc.)

All of the above situations are easily hidden from an unwary buyer.  Obtaining a report on a used vehicle’s history is relatively inexpensive, and something you may want to consider even before taking it to your mechanic.  It may be the most important part of your research before purchasing a used vehicle.