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Homer Smith Insurance is a sponsor for the Caribbean Carnival

        Don’t miss the Annual Charitable Auction and Party of the Rotary Club of Port Townsend, Suturday, April 30, 2011 at the NW Maritime Center. Tickets are still available. Call Carla Caldwell at (360)301-5636 or email her at

        The business community again has been very generous providing us with over 300 gifts to be auctioned.

        Our Fund-a-Cause Proceeds will be used to Help Shelter the Homeless In Partnership with OLYCAP, COAST, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For more information go to            

        I hope to see you. It should be wonderful evening!

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What does Earthquake Insurance really cover?

            Not all Earthquake Insurance policies are equal. It is very important for you to know what and when your policy covers.

            An Earthquake is the shaking or trembling of earth whether caused by volcanic activity or tectonic processes. Most policies consider one or more earthquakes occuring within a seventy-two hour period as a single loss, therefore subject to a single deductible.

            Certain items such as swimming pools or hot tubs, brick veneer and masonry fences and walls not necessary for the structural integrity of the dwelling, may not be covered or covered for a limited amount. Most policies do not cover land or the value of land, no matter where it is located, including land on which the dwelling is located. Damage caused by landslide, mudflow, or earth sinking, rising or shifting may not be covered. The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner has information about Earthquake Insurance in Washington State on their website.

            Development over the years has destabilized the earth on many hillsides increasing the risk of landslide and the severity of earthquake damage. For this risk, you may consider a broader policy known as a “Difference in Conditions” policy.

            For More information about Earthquake or Homeowners Insurance in Washington State or information about a Difference in Conditions policy call Homer Smith Insurance at (888)433-0031


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